Garden Ruin – self titled LP (2011)

After a series of false starts over the past few years, I’ve hit the reset button on songwriting.  This is the starting point – an eclectic flight of fancy with a thematic emphasis on the town  I grew up in.  Down south, where the dairy cows roam.

Available as a free download via Bandcamp.

Garden Ruin is my songwriting nom de plume – a mix of country/folk/blues/pop.

1. Ladybayonet
2. Country Angst
3. Blackberry Rust
4. Stone Circle
5. Little Creek
6. Peppercorn Tree Blues
7. Two Room
8. Belinda & Sarah In Tongues
9. New Stranger Blues (trad. arr TLR)

TLR: vocals, DeGrucy and Tama acoustic guitars, Fender Telecaster electric guitar, no-brand mandolin, RM Tempo reed organ, Casio CZ-101, assorted harmonicas, custom shaker, percussion (skewer bundle, cardboard box) and assorted effects processors.

Recorded between 22-24 April 2011 in the corner of the spare room at home.

For L.P


3 thoughts on “Garden Ruin – self titled LP (2011)”

  1. Hi Tristan. I downloaded and listened your new album. Loved it! Great songs and atmospheric recordings. I think your dad will like this one. Great work! Thanks for sharing. Alan

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