RM Tempo Time #2 – pitch shift and volume control demonstration

It’s been awhile between reed organ posts but I’m a man of fulfilling promises (belatedly.) Here’s a short video of me demonstrating a couple of neat tricks I recently discovered on the RM Tempo. In this video I’m controlling the volume and slight degrees of pitch with the bass notes by placing a finger on each of the reed stops and using this as a counter weight to the other finger that’s holding down the bass note button. It’s trickier than it it looks – in order to get a variation in pitch, the reed stop has to be barely open and it’s a matter of millimetres. The level of volume operates on the same principle, but there’s a bit more flexibility. As you will hear the results can be pretty interesting in terms of frequency modulation, especially when multiple notes are being played. This is merely a test at present and I’ll be refining this technique over the next couple of weeks.

Since discovering this, aside from said refinements I’d like to ‘prepare’ the reed stops by placing very thin objects so that low volumes and bent pitches are held in place and other notes can be played over the top of these.

I’ll also be featuring the RM Tempo’s unique chord buttons in the coming weeks.


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