Asleep on red earth, under bright stars. featuring “Memory of Wind”

Kaldor Public Art Projects have released the compilation Asleep on red earth, under bright stars.

A composition of mine from 2010, “Memory of Wind” features along with ten other pieces by Australian and international artists. The compositions are inspired by sound artist Stephen Vitiello’s project/installation The Sound of Red Earth which was exhibited as part of the Kaldor Public Art Projects 2010 programme.

The compilation was curated by Lawrence English and Stephen Vitiello with concept/project management handled by The Nest.

It is available as a free download/stream at:

1. Julian Day – Emu Creek 04:59
2. Tristan Louth-Robins – Memory of Wind 06:01
3. Robert Curgenven – Looking for Narratives on Small Islands 04:29
4. Simon Scott – On Old Hunstanton Beach, UK 02:48
5. Alessio Ballerini – I Dream the Red Earth 04:53
6. Panoptique Electrical – Soon All This Will Be Picturesque Ruins 17:55
7. Kate Carr – I Used to Live Near the Cooks River 07:40
8. Cimarron Corpé – Liminal Phase 05:30
9. Mike Cooper – Birds, Barks and Billabongs (with apology to Philip Jones) 04:28
10. Marisa Allen – Sitting in The Dunes 05:29
11. Kompost – Kaamp 03:59


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