Studio / noise

Following a visit this morning to the Saatchi exhibition at The Museum of South Australia with L, I came home to work in the studio – cue the notes (above.) Most of my energy is going into a new work for a group exhibition at the SASA Gallery early next year and it’s involving a fair amount of planning. Last time I checked I’m going to need about 200 metres of thin black cable…paging JayCar.

I’m also going to need a fair amount of noise to properly realise parts of the planned audio component.  My last blog post featured my first Max For Live object which was a very basic noise generator called Green Stone.  Well, already Green Stone’s getting a planned upgrade to incorporate ‘noise colour’ presets; such as white (all-band), pink (-3 dB per octave), brown(ian) (-6dB per octave), blue (+3 dB per octave), purple (+6 dB per octave starting at 1000Hz) and grey (A-weighting curve.)  You can read about the fundamentals of noise colour via Wikipedia here.  In order to make this update happen I’m going to have study up a little on my maths and Max theory, but the challenge is there!


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