Systems go (2): “Roil”

Yet another teasing close up of a new work

“Roil”. That’s the working title for the installation work that will be exhibited as part of a group show, Objectified which is happening at the SASA Gallery during April/May 2012.

I had a meeting today with the exhibition curator Karen to discuss the work and show her a mockup of the planned installation. We then went over to the SASA space and worked out where the installation might be best suited. The SASA space is very reverberant, it has a concrete floor with reflective white panels along the walls. A clap of the hands results in a 2-3 second decay…not as bad as aEAF (5-6 seconds) but still undesirable for audio unless you’re inclined to work with it. The Eastern wall seems like the best option for the work – it’s slightly sheltered from peripheral sounds, especially sounds from the foyer and beyond that constantly spill into the space.

Now that I have a good impression of where the installation will go, how it ‘fits’ in the space and how it might work with the other artists’ pieces in the exhibition, I’m feeling confident enough to leave the sculptural aspects of the work for the time being and move onto the all important audio component. Which, up until this point has been neglected.


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