Cootamundra/WIRED EARS (day 0-1)

View to the right from a little balcony.

A six hour train ride from Melbourne on the Country Link service will bring you to the town of Cootamundra. I arrived with a few of the other WIRED EARS participants in the early afternoon and we made our way to a B&B where we’ll be staying for the next four days. I’ve got a nice spacious room with a little semi circle balcony that looks onto one of the main roads. Later in the afternoon I had an opportunity to do a little sightseeing on foot, taking in the buildings (a blend of colonial and art-deco) and spotted a few parrots that are unique to the Riverina district. Later on, I joined some of the group for some more wandering and we eventually ended up in one of the local pubs with some drinks and games of pool.

This morning we’ll be making our way out to the WIRED LAB farm and making a start of our workshop/masterclass activities.

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