Cootamundra/WIRED EARS (day 1)

Today we drove out to the WIRED LAB farm for the first day of the masterclass and intensive workshop. After a round of introductions we headed up the road to the gully to see three of the installed wires. The wind was particularly fierce in the afternoon, and this was felt as we stood at the top of the gully with a stunning panorama of the distant Snowy Mountains and Mount Kosciuszko.

David Burruston and Alan Lamb went over the specifics of each of the wires and we spent some time at each of them, interacting, listening and recording. Alan pointed out that the weather conditions (lots of wind) weren’t conducive to the wires ‘singing’ and that we would have to see how the wind fares tomorrow (i.e. less turbulent and strong, more consistent.) Still, it was fascinating to observe some of the wires potential in action – especially the bowing of the wire, which resulted in some incredible overtones and phasing effects.

Some images below.

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