Towards The Roil

I’m currently writing a detailed overview of a new work that is gradually approaching completion.   The Roil  is to be exhibited from April to May 2012 at the SASA Gallery as part of a group exhibition, Objectified.  The finished work will be a sound installation incorporating mixed media, up to 50 loudspeakers and six channels of audio.  It’s unlike anything I’ve made before, and has been an ambitious undertaking in terms of its concept, construction and composition.

The concept of the group exhibition deals with the idea of ‘transitional memory’ and I’ve decided to examine visual and aural memories of my childhood, located specifically around an area of beach south of my hometown (Normanville, South Australia) that I visited frequently as a child and return to occasionally, most recently in July this year.

I’ll hold off on giving a technical description for the time being because the work isn’t entirely complete and I need to spend a bit more time with the concept.  Along with the completed work, I’m planning to use my current writing as the foundation for a small book that will be available in hard copy and as an electronic file to coincide with the exhibition.  A companion audio release is also being developed for release around the same time.


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