Weekly Beats 2012

The new year is bringing on lots of new exciting projects, including my participation in Weekly Beats 2012.

Basically, you have to write a ‘song’ each week (any genre/instrumentation) for the entirety of 2012.

I’ve always been attracted to situations/projects/strategies that impose conditions and limitations on the creative process.  People like Brian Eno and David Byrne as well as the Fluxus crew readily spring to mind when I think about where this all started for me.

Weekly Beats seems like a pretty crazy idea and seems a little risky given the busier than usual schedule that I’ll be maintaining for most of 2012, but hey..nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess.  Ideally, I’d like to use this as a way of getting some momentum happening in the following areas:

– Developing studio approaches (esp. mixing/mastering)
– Refining compositional approaches.
– Garden Ruin (songwriting)
– Max/MSP programming.
– Aruduino experiments.
– Other stuff.


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