Website update and an old video

My website ( has received a much needed update and now reflects current and past activities in a much more favourable light.  The biggest improvement is to the Works/Projects section of the website – works and projects are now split into the categories of Concert Works, Installation Works and Drawings, Sculpture and Video works. Separate links are listed for the upcoming Fleurieu Sound Map project and a Tyndall Assembly archive, which should be up by mid-year.  A handful of new/old works have been added to these pages, including the imminent SASA installation, The Roil as well as last year’s ephemeral sculpture, Nude (2011); the video work 190409 (2009) and new computer generated drawings, Roadside Picnics/Topograph (2012).

Roadside Picnics/Topograph - #6

The aforementioned 190409 (2009) which was shot by Jason Sweeney during the wonderful Adelaide Festival of Unpopular Music at Gallery De La Catessen has now been (finally) converted to an avid file.  You can watch an excerpt in the embed below.  I plan to upload the entire performance at a later stage.

Peas and love, TLR.


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