Upcoming group exhibition: 3D Play

3D Play will be a scientific, philosophical and art historical examination of three-dimensionality in contemporary Western culture. The works would be inspired by the history of projection devices such as the stereoscope, holograms, 1 and 2 point perspective, colour splitting and illusion and the mono-focal versus the bi-focal.

Given the huge push for 3D televisions and the upswing in 3D movies we thought it would be a pertinent exploration of this cultural shift in the way we experience images and engage in increasingly immersive entertainment and interactive technologies. Works would include the installation of video, bio-art, painting, drawing and sculpture in a playful experience of the artists’ vision of 3D.

I have show coming up next week at the Light Square Gallery where I’ll be exhibiting a new sound installation work, Corner & Shadow (2012) for fifty small loudspeakers, one large loudspeaker and visible audio cable.

Opening Night: Wed, 9th May, 6-8pm
Opening Remarks: Dr Julie Henderson

Exhibition dates: Thursday 10th May – 7 June, 2012

Participant artists:

Hans Kreiner
Tristan Louth-Robbins
Kyriaki Maragozidis
Paul Selwood
Lorelei Siegloff
Ryan Sims
Niki Sperou

Light Square Gallery
Adelaide College of the Arts
39 Light Square
Adelaide 5000


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