Fleurieu Sound Map update: Seal Rocks (Granite Island)


Another new addition to the Fleurieu Sound Map.

In stark contrast to the quiet, tranquil setting of the island’s northern side (which faces the mainland), the southern side is left open to the greater ocean and the elements – violent waves, fierce roils and winds from the south. At 6am it is still virtually dark on the island as I find a position to record, only a lonesome flashing beacon on the eastern fringe of the island offers any illumination. I locate a ‘safe’ semi-sheltered precipice that overlooks Seal Rocks – a small bay of clustered granite rocks; that in the daylight are attractively coloured by orange Lichen. Though it is relatively calm on the island (as evidenced by this recording made on the island’s northern side later in the morning), waves make their way towards the island and enter this bay with relentless ferocity. Impressive bursts of sea spray erupt from the rocks and low resonances boom around me.


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