Field recording on the Fleurieu Peninsula since January 2011

This map documents where I’ve made field recording for the Fleurieu Sound Map and upcoming work for Southern Encounter in October 2012.


Pink – industrial/man made/town centres, etc.

Yellow – on land: relatively barren, dry, open landscape (paddocks, sand dunes, etc.)

Green – on land: relatively lush, dense landscape (plentiful vegetation, forests, etc.)

Light Blue – on water (or near water).

Light Blue (pinned) – on water or near water within a resonant space. (i.e. Rapid Bay cave)

Dark Blue – water or sub strait based recording made with hydrophone/geophone.

Author: tristanlouthrobins

Tristan Louth-Robins (*1981, Adelaide, South Australia) is an Australian artist working principally in the medium of sound art. Ideas of sound and its signification are key elements in Louth-Robins' work, traversing the space between the visual and aural his sound art is realised through the mediums of recordings, installation and performance. He is interested in sound and its associative implications - including its relationship to objects, technology, urban space and the natural world. Since 2005 Louth-Robins has performed and exhibited work in Australia and internationally as a solo artist, whilst occasionally collaborating with visual artists, musicians and performers. In 2010 he completed his MA at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide, South Australia.

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