New album: Hypericum – 2nd October 2012

I’m happy to announce that the new album, Hypericum is virtually complete. I will be self-releasing the album on the 2nd of October 2012 in digital formats (mp3/AIFF/FLAC) via my Bandcamp page.

The album has been a long time coming…I’m actually feeling a bit emotional about getting it finished. It’s certainly the most personal (electronic) music I’ve made – suffused in memories/nostalgia from very special places. The tracklist and a video preview of one of the tracks (“The Unlimited Dream Co.”) is below.

1. Landing On Blood
2. Memory Of Wind
3. Klamath
4. The Liminal
5. Water Fissure
6. Signal .81
7. Black Bonsai
8. Breaking The Waves / Surround Her With Love
9. Love In The Time Of Apocalypse
10. The Unlimited Dream Co.


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