Rolling through October

Goodbye weekend.

Any thoughts of leisure and procrastination have been banished from these two days as I commit myself to finalising the Echocline audio works for Southern Encounter later this month. It’s now a quarter past ten in the evening…the studio desk is illuminated with a 40 watt globe, a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits on small plate to my side. Notes, scribbles and schematics to my left, right and plastered in front of me…like all the semi-coherent images and ideas in my head have poured out onto any scrap of blank paper that’s lying around. My Beyer 770s are fitted snuggly over my ears and I am remembering to take well earned ear-breaks.

It’s all coming together…gradually.

I’ve now lost count of all the field recordings stored on my black monolithic external hard drive, only carefully labelled folders (and subfolders within subfolders) tell me where and when a creek, tall grasses, birds and oceanic turmoil was recorded and whether the recording is any good. This has probably been the most challenging aspect of the work to date – listening to all of this stuff. Thankfully, at this point most of the selections have been made, edited and arranged to form an important section in one the three compositions that will make up Echocline.

I suppose this work falls into the sound collage or acousmatic category, and though I’ve had some experience working in this area it’s never been this comprehensive or exhaustive.  I sometimes feel as though I’m relying on everything I know about composition and music technology every time I set to work in the studio.

Following this weekend, I’ve got the odd evening to work away at it and then the following week I’m heading down to Goolwa to finish things off on-site a few days out from the big event.  It will be great to get out of the city for a few days…a busman’s holiday in every sense of the word.

Exhausted and bit anxious? Sure…   But actually quite excited.

The last station is in sight.


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