New music: Swimming Widget (short soundtrack) for Dfaces of Youth Arts

Video still courtesy of Danielle Walpole, 2012
Video still courtesy of Danielle Walpole, 2012

TLR: ‘Enlaced’ samples, Ableton Live, Boss DR drum machine, MIDI sync, Korg Monotron synthesiser, Casio CZ-101 synthesiser.

A bit of new music from me. This is a composition for a short film documenting a youth arts initiative in Whyalla involving Adelaide street artist, Seb Humphreys (Country Arts SA/DFaces.) The shimmering marimba texture is drawn from an old 2008 track, Enlaced. I thought it would be interesting to use an old piece of music as the starting foundation for a composition and work from there.

Musically this is a fair departure from recent stuff I’ve been doing..for starters, this actually has a perceivable beat(!)  I also decided to experiment with some more adventurous and unconventional music production techniques (for me at least), such as slow filter sweeps and seeing how far I could take brick wall compression. Both of these techniques are strictly off-limits for most of the work I’m doing at the moment, so it was nice to loosen the rules up a bit on this project.  The latter technique is quite a bit of fun to use – it has the potential to completely annihilate audio signals.

Thanks to Dfaces Creative Producer, Danielle Walpole and Country Arts SA.


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