Stifling weather in Adelaide at the moment.  I don’t think the maximum temperature has dropped below 33 degrees for a week now and the nights are particularly warm – I think it only got down to about 25 degrees last night.  It’s one of those summers here where there’s not even much of a breeze at night to push the solid air around, so it just hangs in the air and soaks into the walls of our house.  After a couple of years of mild summers in Adelaide you could be forgiven for forgotting just how punishing this season can be given the conditions – namely a motionless system to the north in the desert that pushes the arid demon breath southwards towards us folks.  In saying that though, it’s not just South Australia that’s been copping it – the 2012-13 weather trend has spread nationwide, and where it’s not throbbing with heat it’s flooding or cyclonic.


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