Field Studies Volume 1 & The River Torrens bridge construction.

Today I had my first chance to properly try out Jez Riley French‘s D-Series hydrophones. I went down to the River Torrens dock in the Adelaide CBD and captured this recording. I’m blown away by the results. The water in the Torrens is filled with sound at the moment due to the construction of the new bridge – early on a distant motor boat carrying workers can be heard and later the Popeye III (a passenger boat) leaves its dock. I’m so amazed by the quality of this recording, I’ve started an ongoing volume of field recordings via Bandcamp. More to come around the time of my Adhocracy residency in Port Adelaide mid-year, where I’ll be exclusively be making hydrophone recordings around the area.




1 thought on “Field Studies Volume 1 & The River Torrens bridge construction.”

  1. Awesome sounds! yes I have one of these too but have mainly been using it on a homemade instrument with a bucket – you’ve inspired me to get it out for some field recordings too!

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