New Garden Ruin: “Flanagan’s Song” (Robyn Hitchcock)

In keeping with the sporadic tradition of spontaneously recording songs at home on weekends, this morning I decided to try out the Olympus LS-100’s multitrack function with a song I’d been feeling my way around with lately.  The LS-100 multitracking is fantastic and is a preferable option when you just want to get a bit of multitracking down quickly without setting up mics and other gear.

“Flanagan’s Song” is a song Robyn Hitchcock wrote for his excellent Spooked album, which he recorded in 2004 with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.  I’ve always loved this album – some beautifully understated material, great playing and lovely sparse production.  “Flanagan’s Song” is one of my favourite Hitchcock songs – miles away from the more psychedelic and bizarre material that he’s well known for.

I recorded the two guitar parts with my new Gretsch parlour guitar – a bargain at $300, and great for light strumming, fingerpicking and lead bits.  It’s got a wonderful boxy, punchy sound.


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