Fleurieu Sound Map updates: Lady Bay

Two new additions to the Fleurieu Sound Map.


Lady Bay (shore): Lady Bay is a stretch of beach with shallow dunes, rock pools (at low tide) and a reef about 50 metres out from the waters edge. In the colder months large stacks of seaweed pile onto the shore and dry into large forms that stretch large sections of the bay.


It is an overcast, relatively calm day and I set my recording equipment up on the shore. A gentle tide has started to come in and is colliding softly with the outcropping section of the bay that shelters the shallower parts of the bay. On some of the rockier sections of the reef a congregation of shags perch silently in the distance.


Lady Bay (behind shallow dunes): Behind the shallow dunes that surround Lady Bay there is a large clearing which serves as a parking space for visitors and has a strangely quiet quality about it. From this position facing west one can hear the hushed sound of an incoming tide, the distant and immediate cry of crows (roosting in the dunes’ vegetation) and from behind, the quiet drone of cars travelling along South Road.


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