Unreleased track on the 侘寂 compilation (Pimpmelon)

At a staggering 99 tracks, it’s a hearty sonic meal (I’m only a 1/3 of the way through so far) but you should certainly check it out – there’s some great material on here.

My contribution, “Charcoal On Tide” is a remixed outtake from my 2012 Hypericum release.

Thanks to the tireless curatorial work of Forfy with this project.

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic of finding the beauty in imperfections. One of the untapped subjects of this aesthetic is the music world – until now!

Throughout musical history, over time we’ve grown to accept many aspects of Wabi-Sabi into our listening. Things like Free Jazz, Improvisational, Spoken Word, Poetry, Glitch, and more. Not only in genre, the aspects are also present in things like unfinished symphonies, alternate/unfinished/or unmastered mixes, as well as live tracks that go awry.

This compilation album collects all of these aspects and more, ranging a tonne of genres, recording styles, methods, etc. It is the biggest free collection of “imperfect” music to date, hopefully one that will help many people appreciate this style of music. (Forfy 2013)


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