Google Maps has been re-engineered, therefore the Fleurieu Sound Map requires updating.

This afternoon I started to test the new version of Google Maps which has unfortunately rendered most of the existing Fleurieu Sound Map data unusable.  Thankfully I can import existing map data (pins/meta-data) into new maps and the incorporation of layers could be quite handy.  I’ve experimented with the layers below.   The first image is the primary FSM map layer (sites documented on the website), whilst the second image is the ‘holistic’ FSM map layer which documents EVERY site I’ve documented (with varying degrees of success/failure) since January 2011.  I’ve also started playing around with a new colour code system denoting waterway types, terrain and industrial environments.  

So please bear with the site for the time being as I doubt I’ll be able to fix everything today.

Layer #1: Primary FSM map – documented sites on the website.


Layer #2: “Holistic” FSM map – all sites documented since January 2011

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