Fleurieu Sound Map Updates: New Maps engine, Port Elliot & Waitpinga

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 6.35.09 PM

At long last, the Fleurieu Sound Map has some new additions(!) – an archived recording from 2012 of the Port Elliot Memorial Park and a recent recording made at the Waitpinga Camping Ground a couple of weeks ago.

Main page: http://www.tristanlouthrobins.com/fleurieu_soundmap/index.html

Site Index: http://www.tristanlouthrobins.com/fleurieu_soundmap/sites.html

There will be more additions to come in next couple of weeks.

You may notice a couple of minor changes across the site, mainly the update to the Google Maps engine which has allowed (I believe) a more user-friendly interface and I’ve also updated the map pins to categorise the general environment the recordings were made (i.e. urban, ocean, verdant, etc.)

The other change relates to the audio playback interface.  Traditionally I had embedded a flash player with the mp3 source being stored on my hosting server.  This has been prone to a few issues, so I have started using Bandcamp to embed a stream of the audio.  It looks nicer too!


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