Sound Installation: Pink Twine (2005)

Audio from the 2005 installation Pink Twine has been recovered from an ageing C90 cassette tape and is presented for the first time as a four-part release.

Pink Twine  was the first of my works to bear the influence of Alvin Lucier’s seminal work, I am sitting in a room (1970).

The work was realised as part of the Project 2 Sound Art Workshops held at the Electronic Music Unit (EMU) over a the course of a weekend in February 2005. The installation remained active for the duration of the following week.


Four loudspeakers are positioned on Level 5 of the Schultz Building (University of Adelaide) within the stairwell space with two microphones positioned on the 4th and 6th levels of the stairwell.

The microphones record the space for a duration of 45 minutes (the length of a cassette tape). This stereo recording is then played back into space through the loudspeakers, whilst being simultaneously re-recorded and manipulated using the EQ and pitch controls of the Tascam 424 Portastudio.

The overall sonic effect consists of a discrete reinforcement of resonant frequencies, whilst also featuring instances of feedback and the subsequent layering of activity in the space. At times, peripheral sounds such as voices, the sound of the lifts and a mobile phone (during Part 3) can be heard.

This cassette recording captures the end result of 7 days of re-recording, manipulation and countless actions within the space. I have remastered these edited recordings a little so as to balance the overall audio image, however I decided to retain the audible tape hiss as evidence of the technology in use at the time.



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