Sound Installation: Wentworth Visitation (2013)


The second Bandcamp release in my series of archived sound installation audio.

This release features the original Wentworth Visitation audio composition and an in-situ audio recording of the installation work at its opening on the morning of March 2nd 2013.  I thought the inclusion of the in-situ cell recording would be provide an interesting contrast to the original composition audio as there are perceivable acoustic effects throughout the track (reverberation, diffusion, standing waves) whilst presenting a faithful impression of how visitors to the space would have heard the work.

Wentworth Visitation was an audio installation for the Old Wentworth Gaol wherein composed sounds from the gaol and the wider Wentworth area are broadcast through loudspeakers into a gaol cell, with the intention of evoking an imagined visitation of the natural world as experienced by the former inmates of the gaol.  Wentworth Visitation was a commissioned work for the 2013 Mildura-Wentworth Arts Festival.


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