Weekly Beats 2014: 4/2 “Dead Masons″

An excerpt of a piece I recorded in the backyard shed for for two reed organs, microphones, memory man and amplifier. The feedback signal is generated by the relationship between the microphones (positioned over the respective organs) and their proximity to the Vox amplifier in the centre of the space. The feedback signal is altered using the volume and tone pots on the amp as well as a long delay on the memory man (delay time, bandpass filter and delay feedback parameters.)

Reed organs > microphone (positioned overhead) > input L/R of Electroharmonix Memory Man > Vox amplifier

Recorded in the space to an Olympus LS-100 with a bit of mastering in Logic 9.

A highlight at 2:19 where the feedback signal momentarily phase cancels out the tone (of one?) of the reed organs, creating a lovely tremolo effect.


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