MicroKorg Vocoder, light control and feedback.

The Vocoder is being controlled by two sawtooth waves generated in Max/MSP. These sawtooth waves are routed to the Vocoder as the Carrier and Modulation signals. 

The frequency value for the the sawtooth waves is produced by a light sensor which reads the fluctuating (single) value of reflected light in my studio space. Once received by a Serial~ object in Max/MSP, the first sawtooth frequency value remains unchanged whilst the second frequency value (Modulation signal) is multiplied by 3.51 resulting in a scaled frequency value. 

E.G: if the Carrier’s frequency value is 104Hz, the Modulation frequency value will be (104 * 3.51 = 365Hz)

On the MicroKorg, a perfect fifth is held (E1-B1) and the incoming Carrier and Modulation signals undergo processing via an Electroharmonix Memoryman set to a reverberant delay setting with feedback which his gradually increased.

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