Lauren Playfair: Seeing The Sights

Lauren Playfair: "Shifting Panorama" (2013)
Lauren Playfair: “Shifting Panorama” (2013)

My partner, Lauren Playfair is exhibiting new work at CACSA this month. Louise Vodic and Joe Felber are also exhibiting at the gallery.

CACSA (Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia)
14 Porter Street
Parkside, South Australia

OPENING: Friday 13th June 2014; 6-8pm
EXHIBITION DATES: 13th June – 13th July 2014; Tuesday to Friday 11-5pm; Saturday to Sunday 1-5pm

SEEING THE SIGHTS is a convergence of photographs from different places and times, re-addressed, the images are seen altogether differently than by their first audiences. The truths of the images shift with time and context, each reading changes with circumstance, and they are no longer the same images as when they were freshly printed, published and circulated.

Lauren Playfair is a visual artist from Adelaide. She completed her Masters degree by research (Visual Arts) at The University of South Australia in 2013. Her work has been exhibited at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in Hatched ‘10, in group shows at FELTspace, The SASA Gallery, Light Square Gallery and at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation with the Shoot Collective.


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