The Door Into Summer: Tracklisting


My new album, The Door Into Summer is coming along with the track selection now finalised. * The track which I featured the other day (“Lungfull”) didn’t make the final cut but may be included as a bonus track with the release. The selection of tracks has been an arduous process since material for this album started to be produced in late 2012, following the release of Hypericum. Since then, a huge amount of material has been amassed and keeping track of various threads and shaping some continuity between the tracks has been challenging. I’m very pleased with the result and have spent most of this afternoon listening to the early mixes and album sequence on my iPod; far away from the studio, walking at a gentle pace through quiet neighbourhood streets and parks.

So from this point onwards I’ll be spending the week with the early mixes and making minor revisions during the remainder of the month. Then the task of mastering awaits.

Whilst all of this is going on, plans are being made for the album artwork and accompanying material. My partner and visual artist, Lauren Playfair will be assisting me with the artwork and design of the album.

1. Anno Salutis

2. Maurilia

3. Swathe of Opiates

4. Artesian Hollow

5. Ruination

6. The Door Into Summer


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