Goyder’s Line (Maurlia Sound Studio Vol. 2) Preview

The second edition of my Maurilia Sound Studio imprint will consist of three versions of my sawtooth-vocoder work, Goyder’s Line (2014-2015), which is a drone-based work realised using Max/MSP, Microkorg, Moog MF-108X and Electroharmonix Memoryman. The work is inspired by George Goyder’s line of South Australian rainfall, using the original line to determine the frequency of a sawtooth wave over a set duration, which is then routed as the carrier signal to the Microkorg’s vocoder. A second line (based upon future climate projections) determines the frequency of the vocoder’s modulation signal. This results in instances of phase cancellation and harmonic overtones, with a predominant drone throughout  (provided by the base notes of the vocoder).

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