Summertime updates


Increasingly there’s a struggle to keep so many things up to date across the many websites and social media portals dedicated to my artistic work. Yet, this blog keeps going somehow, even though it’s almost entirely reserved for tumblr-esque posts relating to events and new music consisting of embeds or scant details redirecting to a Facebook link or similar. The days of sprawling commentaries (c.2009-2013) are likely to be a thing of the past now, simply because I don’t have the time to do such things and frankly, I’m not sure who would bother reading them here. Who actually reads blogs anymore? As remarkable as it is to consider, the blog seems to almost be regarded as a relic of the first decade of the 21st Century, now replaced by an avalanche of photos and tweets (Instagram, the ever-resilient Twitter) which are more suited to portable devices and consequently smaller screens.

I am writing from time to time, but I feel that these writings deserve more time, feedback, editing and a more desirable publishing medium.

Anyway, I’ll digress. Some coming events/updates:

  • A long overdue update to the Fleurieu Sound Map
  • A new commissioned work for Adelaide City Council’s public walkthrough, appropriately entitled Music For Walkthroughs. (February 2016)
  • Composition and sound design for Ben Brooker’s new series of short plays, This Storm (February 2016)
  • New Maurilia Sound Studio editions
    • Volume 4: Goyder’s Line – drone work for vocoder (March 2016)
    • Volume 5: Stormwatcher – Music from Ben Brooker’s This Storm (March 2016)
    • Volume 6: Groove/Skip/Slump – Compilation of tracks from Weekly Beats 2014 (April 2016)



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