Fleurieu Sound Map updates


Over the past couple of days I’ve been carrying out some updates and general maitenance to the Fleurieu Sound Map. Following a couple of quiet years, I’m pleased to announce that the sound map will be given some extra (and much needed) attention this year.

Whilst I’ll be seeking out some new sites to document, there’s also a bunch of archival updates planned, which will now include hydrophone and contact mic recordings. Previously I’d restricted the sound map’s criterion to recordings made with conventional microphones, but as the sound map has expanded and evolved over the years, it seems only appropriate that hydrophone and contact mic recordings should now be included.

With this in mind, I’ve overhauled the map’s key and system of categorisation for recordings. Not only is this now inclusive of additional recording methods, but for existing recordings on the site, this has allowed me to reclassify some recordings so that they more accurately adhere to their environments. Along with the reclassification of Coastal and Riverine environments, I’ve included a category for Industrial environments and events, such as the recordings made at Port Elliot Railway Station (featuring the Steam Ranger) and the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival.


Elsewhere I’ve made the following updates/changes:

  • Changed the map pins from circles to reverse teardrop pins to allow easier navigation for users.
  • Removed flash players from older site pages (2011-2013) and embedded Bandcamp audio players.
  • Removed Google Map embeds for each of the sites (their initial inclusion seemed a bit superfluous).
  • Included a link in the site navigation to the FSM Road Trip videos which are also on my YouTube channel. n.b. I’ll hopefully do some more of these this year!
  • Currently I’m in the process of adding a volume of recordings made in and around Victor Harbor, Port Elliot and Goolwa during my work on the Southern Encounter project in 2012. This will form the first phase of the archival updates.



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