WAVES (for Kangaroo Island)

waves - cover

WAVES is a compilation of new and unreleased works from South Australian-based experimental musicians. The compilation was assembled in response to the recent Kangaroo Island bushfires.


To date (January 2020), the fires have burnt approximately two thirds of the island. Much like the devastation across Australia during the 2019-20 bushfire season, the scale of the fires affecting Kangaroo Island is unprecedented – with widespread damage to communities and infrastructure, as well as precious ecosystems and endangered fauna.

South Australians share an affinity with the island and such a crisis is terrible to comprehend. The island also possess a deep spiritual significance to the First Nations people of the Fleurieu and Coorong regions. In light of such events – felt both directly and existentially – a dilemma presents itself as to how we might best (in both individual and collective capacities) respond to such events.

In this respect, artists possess an important role in our communities. In response to this crisis, and from a position of collective solidarity, the works compiled for this compilation have been generously offered by the featured artists.

The South Australian experimental music community is unique and eclectic, with its Adelaide-based iterations of activity spanning back decades. In recent years, I have felt that this community has been going from strength to strength, especially in creative and collaborative networks; whilst also being an incredibly inclusive and supportive community for artists of all backgrounds. Although this compilation has been compiled in a particular moment of crisis and urgency, I feel that this collection provides an excellent overview of the diverse and compelling experimental music being created in South Australia at this point in time. I warmly thank all of the artists for their creativity and kindness in assisting me with putting this collection together.

Lastly, it must be emphasised that no community exists within a bubble. A common colloquialism in South Australia (especially within greater Adelaide) is that there’s probably no more than two degrees of separation between yourself and somebody else. In this sense, one could assume that our respective communities are inherently – and in some instances, unexpectedly – woven into each other; and that we can be sympathetically affected by what may be happening somewhere else, regardless of our backgrounds and relative distance from each other. Such a notion, is of course universal, but I found this consideration to be especially important when thinking about Kangaroo Island in relation to the rest of South Australia.

This rumination on the value of communities has gone some way to inspiring the title of this compilation. WAVES is, at once, an allusion to the physical transmission of waves (sound, light, water), but is also a reference to the social gesture of one community collectively waving to another. In this instance, the experimental music community of South Australia acknowledging the communities which represent Kangaroo Island.

Thank you to the artists.

Thank you to Lauren Playfair for the beautiful artwork.

Thank you – in advance – to you, dear listeners. We hope you enjoy this collection.

TLR – January 2020

KI Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund link: www.kangarooisland.sa.gov.au/notice-board/latest-news/ki-mayoral-relief-and-recovery-bushfire-fund?fbclid=IwAR1T2AJXg3OccI-EEPoJUPbZgm0QWO7GqeepQg6LFPqajMYysyL_xn9UreU 

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