Version 2Tristan Louth-Robins is a South Australian artist working principally in the medium of sound art. Ideas of sound and its signification are key elements in Louth-Robins’ practice, traversing the space between the visual and aural his work is realised through the mediums of recordings, installation, visual art and performance. He is interested in sound and its associative implications – including its relationship to objects, technology, urban space, memory and the natural world.
Since 2005, Louth-Robins has presented work in Australia and internationally as a solo artist, whilst also collaborating with artists, writers, researchers, musicians and performers.

Working across a vast array of activities encompassing composition, sound design, installation art, field recording and workshops, his work has been featured in events such as the Adelaide Festival of Arts (2006), The National Regional Arts Festival (2012), Mildura-Wentworth Arts Festival (2013), Fairfax Festival (2013) and Adelaide Fringe Festival (2014); and selected works exhibited at galleries including The Australian Experimental Art Foundation (2009), SASA Gallery (2012, 2015), Light Square Gallery (2012) and FELT Space (2015). His audio works have been broadcast on radio including Radio National, Classic FM, The BBC (UK), Acoustic Frontiers (USA) and RBB (Germany).

From 2006 to 2007 he directed the Tyndall Assembly, an experimental music concert series held at the Gallery De La Catessen in Adelaide.

Since 2011, he has facilitated the Fleurieu Sound Map.

In 2013, he was the joint recipient of an APRA Art Music Award for Southern Encounter (Country Arts SA, WIRED Lab and participant artists) for Excellence in a Regional Area and Excellence in Experimental Music.

As a writer, he maintains a blog (since 2006) and has contributed to the publications, Realtime Australia and Resonate.

Recent activities and ongoing research interests have been chiefly concerned with aspects of memory, climate change and personal/community agency in a rapidly changing world, with works presented as part of Arts House’s Going Nowhere (2014), Vitalstatistix’s four-year Climate Century project (2014-2018) and an artist residency at Sauerbier House Culture Exchange (2018).

Activities and projects for 2019 onwards include the development of a permanent sound installation for the historic Angaston Railway Precinct (in conjunction with Mulloway Studio) and the commencement of a three-year project, Equilibrium (in conjunction with Country Arts SA).

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