Orbits: excerpt of today’s recording – 1st May 2016


Orbits: excerpt of today’s recording – 30th April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.42.12 PM

Listen below (via YouTube)

From my notebook:
9:25am – 10:25am
Recorder positioned with L (north), R (south)
Town Hall bells chime at 9:30am, and periodically every 15 mins.
Lots of sporadic traffic on Pirie Street (trucks, rattling engines)
Construction to building to the south. Frequent sounds of drilling and hammering. Becomes less frequent in the final 15 mins of recording.
First tram passes on King William Street at 9:47am
Nice organ harmonies at 9:53am
Nice low resonances at 10:07am
Patter of leaves blowing at either end of walkthrough

Pedestrians – on foot: 33
Bikes: 4

Upcoming exhibition: forWARDback


An upcoming SALA Festival exhibition curated by Karen Paris at the Unley Museum featuring works from Lee Salomone, Paul Sloan, Kristel Britcher, Ian McFarland and myself. I will be exhibiting a new sound work, Five Voices.

Contemporary artists create new stories from old. Through contemporary artworks the artists reinterpret objects from the Museum’s collection to create a dynamic social dialogue between Unley’s past, present and future.

Unley Museum
30 Edmund Avenue, Unley
Exhibition dates: 2 August – 22 September 2015 Opening: 5 August 2015
Mon-Wed 10am-8pm; Sun 1:30pm-4:30pm