Fleurieu Sound Map update

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I’ve recently updated the Fleurieu Sound Map, giving it a bit of a makeover and more importantly, making it mobile friendly!

There haven’t been any new additions since mid-last year, but I’m planning to add some more archival recordings soon as well as getting back down there to make some new recordings.



Fleurieu Sound Map featured in Yankalilla Regional News

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I couple of months ago, I was invited by the editor of the Yankalilla Regional News to contribute an article on the Fleurieu Sound Map. Given that I’m originally from the region, it’s especially nice to ‘bring it back home’ and be presented with an invitation to engage with the local community through their monthly news publication.

With thanks to John Jelfs.

Fleurieu Sound Map: Hydrophones update!

This episode of the FSM video blog documents the inclusion of some hydrophone recordings made across the Fleurieu region. As well as covering some background with DIY and JrF models, there’s some excerpts of the recordings; which you can listen to in their entirety over at the sound map.

Fleurieu Sound Map: updates aplenty


The Fleurieu Sound Map has been getting a lot more attention this year, with various archival recordings being added as well as a batch of new recordings from the Yankalilla District. This recent trip to Yank is documented in the new video below.

There’s more to come over the next couple of weeks, with another update featuring archived hydrophone and contact mic recordings. Earlier this year I decided to broaden the scope of the sound map to include recordings of this type since I think it will provide a deeper and more interesting insight into the soundscapes of the region.

I’m currently in the process of uploading these recordings as well as producing a special new video which will provide an overview of the hydrophone/contact mic process and feature some of the recordings.

Stay tuned!


Fleurieu Sound Map updates


Over the past couple of days I’ve been carrying out some updates and general maitenance to the Fleurieu Sound Map. Following a couple of quiet years, I’m pleased to announce that the sound map will be given some extra (and much needed) attention this year.

Whilst I’ll be seeking out some new sites to document, there’s also a bunch of archival updates planned, which will now include hydrophone and contact mic recordings. Previously I’d restricted the sound map’s criterion to recordings made with conventional microphones, but as the sound map has expanded and evolved over the years, it seems only appropriate that hydrophone and contact mic recordings should now be included.

With this in mind, I’ve overhauled the map’s key and system of categorisation for recordings. Not only is this now inclusive of additional recording methods, but for existing recordings on the site, this has allowed me to reclassify some recordings so that they more accurately adhere to their environments. Along with the reclassification of Coastal and Riverine environments, I’ve included a category for Industrial environments and events, such as the recordings made at Port Elliot Railway Station (featuring the Steam Ranger) and the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival.


Elsewhere I’ve made the following updates/changes:

  • Changed the map pins from circles to reverse teardrop pins to allow easier navigation for users.
  • Removed flash players from older site pages (2011-2013) and embedded Bandcamp audio players.
  • Removed Google Map embeds for each of the sites (their initial inclusion seemed a bit superfluous).
  • Included a link in the site navigation to the FSM Road Trip videos which are also on my YouTube channel. n.b. I’ll hopefully do some more of these this year!
  • Currently I’m in the process of adding a volume of recordings made in and around Victor Harbor, Port Elliot and Goolwa during my work on the Southern Encounter project in 2012. This will form the first phase of the archival updates.


Fleurieu Sound Map: Ingalalla Falls & Second Valley Forest Reserve


For a while there – let’s say most of 2016 and the start of this year – it almost seemed like the Fleurieu Sound Map wouldn’t continue. As several blog posts had indicated, at various points from 2015 to mid-2017 I was hugely unhappy with my creative practice for several reasons and on several occassions I felt compelled to put several projects and possibly the entire thing on ice for an indefinite period.

Well, how things have changed! I’ve overcome my discontent, and as (another) several posts have indicated I’m back with it and fully engaged with things, feeling a genuine passion for things again. Insofar, the sound map is resuming with a bunch of new and archived recordings being prepared for documentation. It’s a really, really good time at the moment and I’m having a ball getting the FSM back up and running again.

So, with that in mind here’s a sonic apperitif comprising of two new site recordings, from Ingalalla Falls and Second Valley Forest Reserve respectively. I’ve also added a bit more depth to the field notes accompanying the sites, which previously have felt a bit too concise. Follow the link below and click on Updates to find the new ones.


More is to come – I’d forgotten how time consuming the post-production process is with HTML-ing, audio uploads and pinning the things on Google Maps. I’ve got some little audio snapshopts from Parawa and Torrens Vale (done on the same road trip) and also more recent recordings from my Mum’s property which feature the new Sound Devices Mix Pre-3.

In the meantime, check out the new additions to the soundmap and make sure you also check out my new video blog covering the visits to these sites!