Broken Fence in Port Noarlunga

So, I’m currently enjoying a super relaxing holiday and when I’ve torn myself away from a cycle of sleeping, socialising, reading, cricket and cricket, I’ve been roaming around looking for compelling sounds. Here’s a broken fence I found down in Port Noarlunga the other day – being gently articulated by some dry grasses.


Chris Watson, Alan Lamb and The WIRED Lab

Now here’s something really special I thought I’d share courtesy of BBC4 and The Wired Lab. Sound recordist Chris Watson and composer Alan Lamb discuss and interrogate the Wires. This brief programme presents an ideal introduction to this totally unique instrument which is located in regional New South Wales at The Wired Lab; facilitated by artists, Sarah Last and David Burraston.

Ephemeral sculpture “Nude” (2011), 25th February 2014

“Nude” (2011); image by Ashley Edwards, 25th February 2014.

My old school friend, Ashley Edwards who’s based in Delamere stumbled across the ephemeral land sculpture that I constructed in July 2011.  It is located about 4km south of Lady Bay in a rocky bay near Wirrina Cove.  This is the first instance of an intrepid visitor taking a photo of the sculpture in its current state!

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