Discreet Concert for Onkaparinga – Live at Sauerbier House, Pt Noarlunga 10/12/2016(excerpt)

Had such a great time down south this afternoon performing an extended three-hour set of discrete electro-acoustic ambience for the art opening at Sauerbier House. Here’s a small excerpt from the performance (desk > recorder). When I find the time (obv. in the new year) I’ll compile a longer version for the Bandcamp page.

Great opportunity to rock out the new Earthquaker Transmisser pedal too!

“Red Eyed Beacon” live at Ancient World

Last night I played a set at Ancient World where I presented a new live set up, returning to the laptop (Ableton) and incorporating an expanded array of external effects. Below is an excerpt of the performance (recorded direct from my sub-mix). I have another gig this evening at the *huge* Future Sounds IV festival where I’ll be presenting the same set, so complete sets should materialise on my Bandcamp page sometime soon.