Slack Group performs Alvin Lucier’s Vespers (1968)

The theatre work group (actual name TBC) I’m a member of has been workshopping ideas over the past couple of months for a new theatre project to be presented in 2018-2019. Each fortnight a different member of the group has run a session incorporating texts and activities which benefit the development of ideas and concepts for the eventual project. A couple of weeks ago I ran a sound-based session focussing primarily on the work of Alvin Lucier; specifically a performance work called Vespers (1968) where performers navigated themselves in a space (either in the dark or blindfolded) using sound devices to map out the space. Whilst our session performances in the video below are not entirely faithful to the original Vespers score (the lack of clicking Sondols diminishing the echolocative emphasis of the work), I would regard these performances as broad interpretations of Vespers, using the performance format of the work as a point of departure for exploring aspects of group listening, sensory depreviation, acoustical awareness and exploration of space.


Sound design for The Lake commences


Over the past couple of days I have commenced work on sound design for’s production of Ben Brooker’s The Lake.  Musique concrète/acousmatic heroes Francois Bayle and Bernard Parmegiani are key informants, working their influence over audio clippings of disaster news, frying meat, tape hiss, menacing freight trains and the loneliest sounding wind on Earth.

Muff (10th – 25th May 2013)


I am very proud to be a part of this production at the Bakehouse Theatre.  I will be performing (semi) live sound design each night.  It should be fantastic!

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Adults $20; Concession $15; Fringe Benefits $15; Students (Secondary, Tertiary, Drama) $15; Groups (6+) $15

An exploration of human nature and relationships with a unique blend of humour and fearless honesty is proud to present its first production for 2013 –  the World Premiere of MUFF by Van Badham.

Tom and Eve, a young couple very much in love, attend a party where Eve is randomly raped and beaten. Under the burdens, their relationship collapses. Five years later, Eve returns from overseas to find that Tom has a new girlfriend; the much younger and much more sexually adventurous Manpreet. As the women contest the their place in the house, and in Tom’s heart, Eve is forced to confront the fact that despite their love, restarting the relationship might be impossible.

Muff explores how dark forces can lurk both in ordinary places and ordinary people, and the risks of complex internal worlds colliding when we love – or make love to – someone.

How much damage can we take? How does that determine the actions of which we are capable or what we will become? And most importantly in any relationship: which way does the toilet roll need to roll?

Season May 10, 11, 12,15, 16, 17, 18, 19. 22, 23, 24, 25.   All shows at 8pm.

Written by: Van Badham
Directed by: Alison Howard
Designer: Myf Cadwallader
Lighting Designer: Chris Petridis
Sound Designer: Tristan Louth-Robins
Stage Manager: Brad Thomson
Featuring: Claire Glenn, Serena Moorghen, Brad Williams