Quick links to long posts relating to musings, research and observations.


Journal (March 2019) link


These are in no particular order. I’m currently writing about ten records and their lasting influence on me. These posts describe the first encounter with the record in question and then weave digressively into other things that have happened in my life. It’s essentially part music criticism, part memoir.

#1 Wilco – Summerteeth (1999/1999) link

#2 Bob Dylan – Time Out of Mind (1997/1997) link

#3 Roy Buchanan – A Street Called Straight (1976/1998) link

#4 John Mayall – Jazz Blues Fusion (1972/1997, 2002, 2012, 2019) link


In 2017 I started writing long posts under the heading, “What’s Happening”. They’re part personal journal, digressive essay.

All posts: link

#8: Therapy Part III, or how I learned to love the fact that I’m not very good at things and stop worrying On career, work/life balance and everything else that comes with it. link

#7: Ode to geography, SID and 64 Bytes A look back at my childhood interest in geography, the Commodore 64 and Monty Mole: link

#6: Fleurieu Drift An examination of the Fleurieu Sound Map and solastalgia: link

#5: Therapy Part II On mental health and the change in season: link

#4: Big Red (2007-2017) A retrospective examination of my work, Infuser: link

#3: Distance and Decay – Revisiting journeys south of Lady Bay and the construction of the land sculpture, Nude (2011-2016): link

#2: Composing Goyder’s Line (2014-2017) A review of the development of the work, Goyder’s Line: link

#1: Therapy Musings on coming to terms with an artistic career after 10+ years: link

OLDER STUFF (2009-2016)

Coming soon. When I get the opportunity to trawl through a couple of hundred posts from the last eight years.