Quick links to long posts relating to musings, research and observations.


In 2017 I started writing long posts under the heading, “What’s Happening”.

All posts: link

#8: Therapy Part III, or how I learned to love the fact that I’m not very good at things and stop worrying On career, work/life balance and everything else that comes with it. link

#7: Ode to geography, SID and 64 Bytes A look back at my childhood interest in geography, the Commodore 64 and Monty Mole: link

#6: Fleurieu Drift An examination of the Fleurieu Sound Map and solastalgia: link

#5: Therapy Part II On mental health and the change in season: link

#4: Big Red (2007-2017) A retrospective examination of my work, Infuser: link

#3: Distance and Decay – Revisiting journeys south of Lady Bay and the construction of the land sculpture, Nude (2011-2016): link

#2: Composing Goyder’s Line (2014-2017) A review of the development of the work, Goyder’s Line: link

#1: Therapy Musings on coming to terms with an artistic career after 10+ years: link

OLDER STUFF (2009-2016)

Coming soon. When I get the opportunity to trawl through a couple of hundred posts from the last eight years.