WeeklyBeats 2018: updates


When I haven’t been writing epic blog posts about albums that I like, I’ve been continuing with WeeklyBeats 2018. I’m closing in on my previous best effort: 21 weeks in 2014. I recall that year’s activities as a fairly erratic series of compositions (especially toward the end of my tenure) since it became increasingly difficult to maintain focus, inspiration and motivation. Comparatively, I feel like I’m coasting through 2018; largely due to the reason that from the outset, I committed to a general theme or process for each month. This has kept my approach and working methods consistent over a given month, and as a result I feel like I’ve been producing some great work, which could lead to new exciting projects in the near future.

This month I’ve been making alternate soundtracks for the limited series of Twin Peaks. I personally loved the Twin Peaks series from 2017. I recently picked up the blu-ray and I’ve been super compressing the experience of 18 episodes into 3 days of delirium. I’m a huge David Lynch fan and I rate it up there with his very best work – i.e. Inland Empire and Blue Velvet.

Summaries and links for the pieces can be found below. There’s one more to come next week.

#1: Music for The Conveniece Store

Since I’m focusing on a particular theme/object/process for each month, my plan had been to record fencewires with a pair of contact mics and manipulate the recordings. So today I was down at my mum’s property in Yankalilla recording a fence wire, which was in very close proximity to an electric fence wire . As I expected, both piezos picked up the periodic electric impulse of the wire, but also picked up beautiful random, scratchy transients. Along with this, you can occasionally hear the wind blow over the wire and the odd pings.

I got home and started pitching down a couple of copies of the recording to create some (dis)harmonies. It sounded pretty creepy and weird and my thoughts drifted back to several scenes in Twin Peaks S03.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to present alternate soundtracks for four scenes/locations featured in the latest series.

#1: Here’s a jaunty little thing for that creepy AF Convenience Store (aka The Dutchman’s/where Phillip Jeffries lives).


#2: Music for viewing a glass box

“Thanks, Tracey.”

The second instalment of alternate Twin Peaks soundtracks for the 2017 series. The primary source for the composition is a rusty fence being activated by branches and leaves swaying in the wind. The Microkorg also makes an appearance along with a bit of post-production.

The context: viewing a glass box, somewhere in New York and something terrible is going to happen.


#3: Music for White Lodge transit

“You are far away.”

The third instalment of alternate Twin Peaks soundtracks for the 2017 series. A bit more of a mixture of sources this week – a fenceline at Carrickalinga Beach, a forest in Second Valley and a snippet of dialog from an interview with a certain infamous composer.

The context: Past the Jackrabbit, pockets full of dirt, wisps of smoke, peals of thunder and a golden pool. Then the sky tears open and you’re sucked into a vortex.