“Re imagining the mother” – Sound composition (2015)

Embedded image: element of Simone Kennedy’s “Re imagining the mother”

One of the most rewarding art projects I’ve been involved in over the past few years has been an ongoing association with the artist Simone Kennedy, where I’ve had the privilege to work closely with Simone and develop sound compositions and installation for two of her exhibitions in 2014 and 2015. Her most recent exhibition which is currently at SASA Gallery (“Re imagining the mother”) brings together work she has created over the course of her PhD. It is intensely beautiful, haunting and deeply affecting work, and I strongly encourage you to check out the exhibition whilst it is still going (until 11/9).

The source material for the composition is derived from the “Coronation Street” theme – originally composed by Eric Spear. The theme has been digitally processed so that tones are extended, whilst original pitch is maintained. The harmonic structure and texture of this rendered theme is extrapolated over four repetitions, affecting aspects of timbre and spatial quality.

Within the SASA space the composition is played back on continous loop and broadcast from two mounted speakers at a moderate volume so that it is acoustically confined to a specific area of SASA space, but yet is able to gently reverberate and diffuse through the entirety of the main space.


Great Panoptique Winter’s “Wildness” (2013) gets a physical release


The first release from new project Great Panoptique Winter (made up of members of Pretty Boy Crossover and Hood) has been assembled part by part, from the drum loops up. The results have a delicate, frosty atmosphere. Wildness is presented in a limited edition of 200, in a handmade envelope-CDr-polaroid assemblage, on Sound In Silence.

I perform some electronics, guitar and field recordings on the release.

The Flexible Persona Issue 2.4: “Life On A Timetable” (featuring “Red Eyes” from The Door Into Summer)

The Flexible Persona is a bi-weekly electronic print and audio literary journal. Issues can be accessed via the publication’s website and via iTunes.

The track, Red Eyes” from The Door Into Summer is featured in their latest issue, providing musical accompaniment for Emma Rasmussen’s short story, Life On A Timetable.

Issue 2.4 – Life On A Timetable: Link

iTunes iBooks: Link

The Door Into Summer: Download bundle

Tristan Louth-Robins - The Door Into Summer

The Door Into Summer is now available for purchase at my Bandcamp store.

Purchase of the album includes the following items:


1. This Gilded Engine

2. Maurilia

3. Swathe of Opiates

4. Artesian Pulse

5. Red Eyes

6. The Door Into Summer


1. Mouth of Ambience

2. Deaf Bed

3. Death To Idols

4. The Last Hour

5. Sunn Fripp

6. Lungfull

7. Lament


1. Infuser IV #1 (live)

2. Goyder’s Line (live)

3. Infuser IV #2 (live)

4. The Damage Over Distance (live)

5. Maurilia (live)

6. Confluence with S.H. (live)

7. The Door Into Summer (live)

Great Panoptique Winter: Wildness


A collaborative album by Jason Sweeney (Panoptique Electrical, Pretty Boy Crossover) and Richard Adams (Hood, The Declining Winter) has been released after a long development and gestation. It features contributions from myself (found sounds, electronics), Great Earthquake’s Noah Symons (drums) and Cailen Burns (found sounds, electronics).

Wildness was originally slated for release on Sensory Projects in 2012 as a 10″ EP, but since the label has been on imposed hiatus this album has remained in limbo. It is now available as a high quality or mp3 download and stream at Bandcamp.

I’m delighted that this record has finally seen the light of day. It’s an enormous honour to appear on an album with Richard Adams; whose work with Hood and The Declining Winter I admire immensely.