Sound designing in rainy Pt Adelaide



Climate Century: Stranger (11 November – 13 December 2015)

"Stranger" element.

Stranger is a response to research and discussions concerning the impact of climate change in the Port District, and its likely effect on local ecosystems, inhabitants and man-made infrastructure. This work presents the listener with an auditory landscape from a hypothesised future, whereby a single entity remains with its lonely utterance; projecting its transmuted voice (derived from a now disappeared organism) into an empty field.

Stairwell and landing of Weiman Room, South Australian Maritime Museum, 122 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.

Opening Event:
November 11, 6-8pm

Exhibition dates:
November 12 – December 13
12-8pm Thursdays and 12-5pm Friday to Sunday.

Artist talks:
November 26, 5-7pm
December 3, 5-7pm

Tristan Louth-Robins - Stranger installation - November 2015
Stranger installation – November 2015

Reclamation redux

Port Adelaide – June 2013. Photo: Lauren Playfair.

Back in June 2013, I participated in Adhocracy 2013 with a project called ReclamationOver a three-day period, waterways surrounding Port Adelaide were sonically surveyed with standard, contact and underwater microphones, with the intention of capturing the industrial and natural sonic environments of the area. The concept behind the field work was to examine these contrasting sonic environments and speculate the role of the natural world (present and future) in a predominantly post-industrial environment.

On the final night of Adhocracy, I presented a composition incorporating recordings made over the three-day period. I was pleased with the outcome (especially given the tight timeframe!) but thought it would be good to go back and redevelop the material at some point.

* * *

Shoot forward to January 2015: There’s a new album in the works! I’ve been approached for a new release on the 3LEAVES imprint and I thought this would be a great opportunity to revisit this project and build upon the previous work using existing recordings and well as some additional material.

More to follow in the coming months.

Adhocracy 2014

Vitastatistix’s annual national artist hothouse, Adhocracy is back for 2014 and it is certainly worth checking out over the Queen’s Birthday weekend (7-9 June, 2014) if you’re Adelaide-centric. You can find more information on the event via this link:

I’m particularly interested in checking out the projects by Steve Mayhew & Friends with Sophie Hope (SA & UK); PVI Collective (SA & WA); and Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove (SA).


I participated in last year’s event and produced the sound ecology work, ReclamationAt some point I’d like to go back a remix/remaster the work and release it as part of my Installation/Archive series on my Bandcamp page.