Two 2017 editions: Distance Music / Awry

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Hello friends. As this strange year begins to wind down I wanted to post links to a couple of recently assembled editions which you can stream/download/purchase via Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

The first of these is entitled Distance Music and consists of three tracks which were recorded between February and April. The intersection of time and space and the localities of sound are themes which inform these works. The two main compositions, “Fleurieu Nodes” and “Overcast in Phuket” employ improvised performance and field recordings so as to evoke an impression of place. The other track, “Chang Song” is a shorter composition consisting of two beer bottle resonances (330 ml & 700 ml) superimposed against each other, which were recorded outside a villa on the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand.

The second of the editions, Awry is a suite of four compositions recorded last week in my studio. I had been on sick leave from work for this period and decided to use the spare time (when I felt fit enough) to continue to explore the improvised collage technique I had employed for the Distance Music material. Themes of personal reflection and lucid thought inform these tracks.

You can also listen to these tracks via Soundcloud:

Thanks for dropping by and I should have my (semi) traditional EOY/Xmas release prepared later in December.



Five Voices – SALA Festival 2015


This afternoon I visited the Unley Museum to record a selection on vintage bottle from their collection. I captured each of the bottles’ unique resonances using a recording technique I perfected in 2009 for my installation work, InfuserThe recordings will be used for a new installation entitled Five Voices to be featured in the exhibition, forWARDback as part of this year’s SALA Festival.


Ten years on: Pink Twine (2005) – free download this month, updated liner notes!

It’s ten years since I made my first sound installation work, Pink Twine. How the time goes!

To commemorate this, I’ve made the 2014 release of the Pink Twine audio a free download for the entirety of February. I’ve also written some new liner notes which include photos from the installation of the work.

Happy downloading!

Direct link: