Summer Dreams EP: Weekly Beats – January 2018


Howdy folks! It’s been a bit quiet on this blog since I’ve essentially been on vacation and taking leave from writing/posting on here. I’m getting back into the swing of things though and I’ve got a few things planned in the coming months including a couple of new ‘long reads’ and a big website overhaul. The latter project has been taking up a considerable chunk of my time – it’s a big update!

In the meantime, here’s a brand new EP consisting of my first four weeks from Weekly Beats 2018. Details below.

Summer Dreams consists of the four tracks I produced during January 2018 as Adelaide experienced weird tropical weather interspersed with two characteristically Adelaidian heatwaves. Brutal heatwaves. Ah, climate change. 

Through the heat, rain, wind and storm activity, I composed these four pieces which explore elements of sound texture and density, whilst aiming to ensure degrees of space and contrast. My ongoing interest in customised percussion and field recordings (specifically spatial and locative properties) inform these pieces heavily. Then there’s the tried and true sound manipulations and iterative processes, which feature in virtually anything that I produce in the studio. 


Fleurieu Sound Map Update: Goolwa Wharf, 2015 South Australian Wooden Boat Festival


A new addition to the Fleurieu Sound Map.

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A day of stifling Summer heat on the Goolwa Wharf where a large crowd has amassed around a couple of large historic paddle steamers which are about to depart. As this recording begins, a boat race is coming to an end as various announcements are made over the P.A, sails ripple in the air and a bell occasionally chimes. As the larger of the paddle steamers begins to leave the dock, a group of bagpipers and a sole drummer (positioned on the rear upper deck) start to play, as the paddle steamer crosses the audible field and gradually fades into the distance.