Maurilia Sound Studio: New cover artwork for Volumes 1-3 + previews for future editions

I’ve redesigned the artwork for the Maurilia Sound Studio editions – going for a bit of an old school sound library look with these.

Get/listen/stream Volumes 1-3 over at my Bandcamp page.

Volumes 4 and 5 are lined up for release over the 2015/16 new year.

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Maurilia Sound Studio: Volume 3 – “The Pages”

The third instalment of the Maurilia Sound Studio series documenting 2014-15 studio activities has now been released. “The Pages” was original recorded in the studio back in September 2014.

It can be streamed below and downloaded at my Bandcamp page.

New music: Holocene


I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in the studio going over the expanded set-up of my sawtooth/vocoder work, Goyder’s Line for an upcoming performance (see image below.) In addition to the original set-up, I’ve incorporated an Electroharmonix POG2, which is serves as a rich octave generator for my trusty Korg Monotribe.


Whilst going over the work, I decided to explore the potential of running a stable sawtooth waveform through the Goyder’s Line set-up with the incorporation of a slow sweeping sawtooth wave from the Monotribe, articulated by the harmonic depth of the POG2.  Once I had the desired initial state in place, I left it running for the next 45 minutes – occasionally adjusting the parameters of the units, so as to gradually evoke changes in the harmonic structure of the sound and overall texture.

The resulting work, Holocene can be listened to below.

The Door Into Summer: Artwork and Feb 2015 release


The album I’ve been working on since 2012 is nearly finished. It will be released in digital formats via my Bandcamp page in February 2015. A pre-order will be available early in the new year.

By my usual standards this has been a long time coming and following a couple of false finishes I’ll be very glad to finally have this work out in the open soon.


1. This Gilded Engine (3:47)
2. Maurilia (6:50)
3. Swathe of Opiates (9:28)
4. Artesian Pulse (3:34)
5. Red Eyes (5:04)
6. The Door Into Summer (12:08)