New live recording: TLR Live at the Wheatsheaf Hotel

I performed a solo set on Monday night at the Wheatsheaf Hotel with live renditions of the teapot work, Infuser; a new drone/vocoder work, Goyder’s Line; and a live preview of the upcoming album, The Door Into Summer.

I made a recording via my mixing desk to the Olympus LS-100, and following a bit of cleaning up and general mastering the end result sounds good. The live album (sequenced as a continuous series of individual tracks) is available for streaming and donation purchase on Bandcamp.



Following a brilliant Fleurieu road trip earlier this week, I’ve returned with a bunch of new field recordings for the Fleurieu Sound Map. The first couple of these recordings come from the Hay Flat region of the Second Valley Forest – moderate to strong winds, finches and groaning trees feature prominently.

Visit and listen via this link.

Lauren Playfair: Seeing The Sights

Lauren Playfair: "Shifting Panorama" (2013)
Lauren Playfair: “Shifting Panorama” (2013)

My partner, Lauren Playfair is exhibiting new work at CACSA this month. Louise Vodic and Joe Felber are also exhibiting at the gallery.

CACSA (Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia)
14 Porter Street
Parkside, South Australia

OPENING: Friday 13th June 2014; 6-8pm
EXHIBITION DATES: 13th June – 13th July 2014; Tuesday to Friday 11-5pm; Saturday to Sunday 1-5pm

SEEING THE SIGHTS is a convergence of photographs from different places and times, re-addressed, the images are seen altogether differently than by their first audiences. The truths of the images shift with time and context, each reading changes with circumstance, and they are no longer the same images as when they were freshly printed, published and circulated.

Lauren Playfair is a visual artist from Adelaide. She completed her Masters degree by research (Visual Arts) at The University of South Australia in 2013. Her work has been exhibited at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in Hatched ‘10, in group shows at FELTspace, The SASA Gallery, Light Square Gallery and at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation with the Shoot Collective.

Adhocracy 2014

Vitastatistix’s annual national artist hothouse, Adhocracy is back for 2014 and it is certainly worth checking out over the Queen’s Birthday weekend (7-9 June, 2014) if you’re Adelaide-centric. You can find more information on the event via this link:

I’m particularly interested in checking out the projects by Steve Mayhew & Friends with Sophie Hope (SA & UK); PVI Collective (SA & WA); and Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove (SA).


I participated in last year’s event and produced the sound ecology work, ReclamationAt some point I’d like to go back a remix/remaster the work and release it as part of my Installation/Archive series on my Bandcamp page.

Retirement from Weekly Beats (+ the rest of the year ahead)

21 weeks have elapsed and I have decided that I will have to pull out of Weekly Beats 2014. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get to late May and be able to say that I’d produced 21 tracks on a weekly basis, as the process can range from being demanding to extremely demanding once day-to-day life is factored in. On a week to week basis, the tracks themselves are fairly diverse with the occasional three week block settling on a particular theme or genre. I was pleased to find a place for some of my Garden Ruin work during March.

All 21 tracks can be streamed below.

The primary reason for retiring from WB is because I need to give myself a break – a fairly long break. 2012-2014 has been an incredibly hectic period in terms of my artistic career with a variety of projects and commitments which have consumed a large part of my life for the past 2 1/2 years and whilst this has been incredibly rewarding, the strain is palpable enough now that I’ve taken the decision to slow my activity to a (near) halt. The rest of 2014 will be decidedly quieter, though there’s several archiving projects in the works and updates to the Fleurieu Sound Map coming soon. Depending on how this break works out, I may even get around to finishing an album I’ve been working on since early 2013.

Actually, this doesn’t really sound like a break does it? Rather, a change of pace.

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