New music: Holocene


I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in the studio going over the expanded set-up of my sawtooth/vocoder work, Goyder’s Line for an upcoming performance (see image below.) In addition to the original set-up, I’ve incorporated an Electroharmonix POG2, which is serves as a rich octave generator for my trusty Korg Monotribe.


Whilst going over the work, I decided to explore the potential of running a stable sawtooth waveform through the Goyder’s Line set-up with the incorporation of a slow sweeping sawtooth wave from the Monotribe, articulated by the harmonic depth of the POG2.  Once I had the desired initial state in place, I left it running for the next 45 minutes – occasionally adjusting the parameters of the units, so as to gradually evoke changes in the harmonic structure of the sound and overall texture.

The resulting work, Holocene can be listened to below.

The Flexible Persona Issue 2.4: “Life On A Timetable” (featuring “Red Eyes” from The Door Into Summer)

The Flexible Persona is a bi-weekly electronic print and audio literary journal. Issues can be accessed via the publication’s website and via iTunes.

The track, Red Eyes” from The Door Into Summer is featured in their latest issue, providing musical accompaniment for Emma Rasmussen’s short story, Life On A Timetable.

Issue 2.4 – Life On A Timetable: Link

iTunes iBooks: Link

Fleurieu Sound Map Update: Goolwa Wharf, 2015 South Australian Wooden Boat Festival


A new addition to the Fleurieu Sound Map.

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A day of stifling Summer heat on the Goolwa Wharf where a large crowd has amassed around a couple of large historic paddle steamers which are about to depart. As this recording begins, a boat race is coming to an end as various announcements are made over the P.A, sails ripple in the air and a bell occasionally chimes. As the larger of the paddle steamers begins to leave the dock, a group of bagpipers and a sole drummer (positioned on the rear upper deck) start to play, as the paddle steamer crosses the audible field and gradually fades into the distance.

Academia profile: updates

It’s been awhile since I used the excellent Academia resource for anything vaguely academic, but I’m planning to use it a bit more this year for the purpose of making available archived text and graphical scores; programme notes and short essays. Stay tuned! 

Pink Twine (2005): 2015 notes now uploaded to Academia profile

To accompany the Pink Twine (2005) release on my Bandcamp portal, I published a short essay detailing the background, development and installation of the work. The notes can now be accessed via my Academia profile: