Summertime updates


Increasingly there’s a struggle to keep so many things up to date across the many websites and social media portals dedicated to my artistic work. Yet, this blog keeps going somehow, even though it’s almost entirely reserved for tumblr-esque posts relating to events and new music consisting of embeds or scant details redirecting to a Facebook link or similar. The days of sprawling commentaries (c.2009-2013) are likely to be a thing of the past now, simply because I don’t have the time to do such things and frankly, I’m not sure who would bother reading them here. Who actually reads blogs anymore? As remarkable as it is to consider, the blog seems to almost be regarded as a relic of the first decade of the 21st Century, now replaced by an avalanche of photos and tweets (Instagram, the ever-resilient Twitter) which are more suited to portable devices and consequently smaller screens.

I am writing from time to time, but I feel that these writings deserve more time, feedback, editing and a more desirable publishing medium.

Anyway, I’ll digress. Some coming events/updates:

  • A long overdue update to the Fleurieu Sound Map
  • A new commissioned work for Adelaide City Council’s public walkthrough, appropriately entitled Music For Walkthroughs. (February 2016)
  • Composition and sound design for Ben Brooker’s new series of short plays, This Storm (February 2016)
  • New Maurilia Sound Studio editions
    • Volume 4: Goyder’s Line – drone work for vocoder (March 2016)
    • Volume 5: Stormwatcher – Music from Ben Brooker’s This Storm (March 2016)
    • Volume 6: Groove/Skip/Slump – Compilation of tracks from Weekly Beats 2014 (April 2016)



Academia profile: updates

It’s been awhile since I used the excellent Academia resource for anything vaguely academic, but I’m planning to use it a bit more this year for the purpose of making available archived text and graphical scores; programme notes and short essays. Stay tuned! 

Retirement from Weekly Beats (+ the rest of the year ahead)

21 weeks have elapsed and I have decided that I will have to pull out of Weekly Beats 2014. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get to late May and be able to say that I’d produced 21 tracks on a weekly basis, as the process can range from being demanding to extremely demanding once day-to-day life is factored in. On a week to week basis, the tracks themselves are fairly diverse with the occasional three week block settling on a particular theme or genre. I was pleased to find a place for some of my Garden Ruin work during March.

All 21 tracks can be streamed below.

The primary reason for retiring from WB is because I need to give myself a break – a fairly long break. 2012-2014 has been an incredibly hectic period in terms of my artistic career with a variety of projects and commitments which have consumed a large part of my life for the past 2 1/2 years and whilst this has been incredibly rewarding, the strain is palpable enough now that I’ve taken the decision to slow my activity to a (near) halt. The rest of 2014 will be decidedly quieter, though there’s several archiving projects in the works and updates to the Fleurieu Sound Map coming soon. Depending on how this break works out, I may even get around to finishing an album I’ve been working on since early 2013.

Actually, this doesn’t really sound like a break does it? Rather, a change of pace.

YouTube Channel: gradual improvements & updates

I’ve had a YouTube Channel for many years and it’s gone through various stages of activity and idleness. Ultimately it’s always lacked a focus and I imagine it’s not a great deal of fun to navigate and wade through. So, with that in mind I’ve started sorting through it and making it a bit easier to view. I’ve also added some new videos (including a friendly welcoming.)

In the coming weeks and months there will be new videos covering studio work and tutorials.


Site Updates: Twittering redux

Hello folks, I’m back on Twitter with a new account and slightly tweaked user name.  Since I think Facebook fan pages are absolute rubbish, I set up a new Twitter account to handle the promotional end of things with updates on releases, gig, movements and general miscellany.  I also did it so I could follow Chris Watson around.


Website update (AKA: the upside of illness)


I’ve spent the past couple of days meticulously cleaning up my website – amending text, updating entries and replacing images.  I’d still like to update some audio files – including long overdue streams of the Wentworth Visitation (2013) audio and exhuming older installation audio like Sounds From Level Four (2006) and Pink Twine (2005) (the latter has recently been discovered on an old cr-C90 multitrack cassette tape!).  However, I’m finding this whole process rather time consuming and realising that a portfolio of work requires a dutiful (and time intensive) schedule to keep everything up to date.

In the meantime, 2014 updates (v1):